Sandy & Nancy - Novato California

     EK Construction was one of five contractors we interviewed and finally selected for our remodeling project and what a fortunate selection it was! We are absolutely delighted and completely satisfied with the transformation of our kitchen and master bathroom. 
     One of the primary reasons we chose EK was their down-to-earth, realistic and not overly exaggerated approach that reflected upon their many years of experience. We began our remodel with the master bath and it became clear early on that they were committed to the quality and the professional manner in which they performed their work. When phase two began–the major kitchen remodel–we were totally confident to trusting their knowledge and expertise. While no project is without its surprises, it is how the contractor handles the unexpected that really separates the experts from the amateurs. No doubt EK handled the unanticipated like the pros they are.
     The few subcontractors they exclusively use are also true specialists and EK keeps all of them on schedule.
Without any doubt, EK Construction is conscientious, trustworthy, carrying out reliable, precision work. We remain entirely happy with the work they performed.

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